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Helping you to pass on more of your hard-earned wealth to future generations.

Relieving the stress

Benefit the people that are close to you.

You’ve worked hard all your life so it is understandable that you want to make sure the wealth you’ve created will benefit the people that are close to you when you are no longer here. Our Inheritance Tax (IHT) experts can help you ensure that your loved ones are not left with an excessive and unnecessary tax bill.

Did you know?

IHT is currently imposed at 40 per cent on estates with a value in excess of £325,000. With ever-increasing house prices, IHT is becoming a real issue for more and more people.

How we help you with IHT planning

Although it’s important to minimise tax liabilities for your loved ones, it’s equally necessary to make sure that you retain sufficient capital and income to provide you with a comfortable standard of living.

We can help you put a strategy in place that makes sensible provisions for you and your family, taking into account any changes in personal circumstances that you might wish to plan for in later life.

We can help you do this by:

  • Reviewing your existing Will and, if necessary arranging for a new more IHT-efficient Will to be drawn up
  • Advising you on the best way to transfer your assets into a trust if this is a beneficial option
  • Helping you secure the residential nil rate band for main residences
  • Identifying assets that will help you qualify for business or agricultural property relief
  • Explaining which assets you could choose to gift away with a minimal tax liability
  • Helping you make full use of all other available IHT exemptions

To find out how we can help you and your family with Inheritance Tax planning, please get in touch with us for an informal chat today.

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