Green Initiatives

The world and the environments we work and live in are important to us and our team, which is why we have implemented several policies and initiatives to cut waste, improve efficiency and save energy.

We are proud to be committed to a greener future by:

Planting one tree with the National Trust for every box of paper consumed

Operating a paperless office

Implementing toner cartridge recycling

Using double-sided printing where possible

Minimising energy use by powering down computers at the end of each day

Storing client records in re-useable hessian bags rather than plastic wallets

Providing re-usable coffee travel cups and water bottles instead of plastic or paper cups

These are just some of the ways that we and our team reduce our impact on the environment.

However, we are constantly developing new ways to make our practice more sustainable and environmentally responsible, including advising our clients on green investments and tax reliefs.

Want to learn more about our steps to be eco-friendly? Speak to us.